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The wisteria is blooming again
drooping through the lattice
dripping sweet scent
bees darting blossom
to blossom. Honey bees
bumble bees, carpenter busy bees
with their buzzing ministrations
oblivious to my solitary concerns.

Bees clamber over blossom
and limb, apis mellifera
bearing pollen laden sacs
to the hive. The honey bearing bee
is too busy to notice me
watching from the comfort
of my deck chair.

How have I failed to notice
the vine hugging the lattice
like a snake coiled around its prey?
Pendulous purple blossoms
hang like dripping poison
ready to strike unlucky
prey venturing too close.

Fountain flows nearby:
a nude pubescent boy
holding a conch shell. He reminds
me of myself as a boy watching
other boys, afraid to linger a glance
too long for fear of discovery.

Secrets once lurked in the
shadows of my heart
long since shared in the
beds of male lovers

Am I that different from the wisteria
With its many blossoms?

© Julian Spalding 2014


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